Food: Cause of Death

We all are aware of the fact that food is one of the major reason behind our survival, but do  you know why the title Says that ‘Food: Cause of Death’? Each one of you reading this article agrees with the fact that the title is invalid but let me tell you it’s the most valid statement as per the situation we are dealing with. According to the reports over three lakhs deaths are caused every year owing to hunger of children alone. Bhukkal Ghasi at the age of 42 died in March 2020 and after six months his son and daughter both lost their lives. According to the experts working in food security called their death as ‘hunger deaths’ but the state denied it. Based on the reports submitted by Centre today reveals that 69% deaths in children under 5 years is seen due to malnutrition and malnourishment in the year 2022 itself, they also added that ‘Hungry Indians go up from 19 crores to 35 crores now’. An 11 year old girl Santoshi Kumari from Simdega died in 2017 allegedly due to starvation. The National Family Health Survey-V conducted in Jharkhand says that 67.4% children and 65.3% women are anaemic due to the massive loophole in foodgrain distribution. Even the Supreme Court of India has given a supporting statement ‘ Citizens are dying due to hunger despite our development’. There is no ‘one’ to be blamed for this cause because intentionally or unintentionally we all
are being a part of it by wasting the blessing we have got to count on as food. Its must not be wrong to say that the responsible person for the distribution of rations among unprivilaged people is not doing their work properly. He might be 70% culprit in this situation but we
complete the remaining 30% by wasting it. People who are getting their three time meal with a snack time is really blessed, feel yourself lucky but instead people waste it according to their mood swings. Every thing you are blessed with can be taken away if you are not
understanding the worth of it. So respect the meal placed in front of you and thanks the universe for blessing you. Here I need to go to search for the ways to overcome food wastage, See you guys in the next article.

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