Food: A Blessing to be Conserved

In the previous article we talked about the wastage of food which ultimately causes the loss of lives around the world whereas in this article we will focus on the aspects to save the loss and be a responsible citizen of our mother land. On our day-to-day life we all faces a problem which is so called “I am getting late I will eat something outside” here the problem begins because now the prepared food will get wasted. In order to save this,let’s start with our homes, we can carry that meal along with ourselves and give it to the needy we meet on our way, believe me it will soothe your soul.

Primarily let’s not talk about the rations which is being distributed among the under privileged people because the government have to look after it and we will take care of our part, why to blame and not work. Instead there are many restaurants in which the food is wasted in bulk we can contact them and at the end of the day we can distribute it among the needy, so they can sleep in peace. According to the data, it is revealed that in small occasions about 40% of the food is wasted while in large occasions the hike reaches to 60%. Here we are capable to distribute the remaining food and let the starving soul fulfil its need. They are not asking for much it’s just these little efforts which will bring the change in the situation for their betterment.

“A single stick can be broken but it takes a lot of strength to break the bundle of sticks”

Let us join together and take this initiative. We have so many blessings to count on, so we can try to be their blessing too, by promising ourselves to donate a meal at least once in a week while avoiding the wastage.

So now I am taking a leave to bring a write up related to the world of adventure, see you guys in the next article.

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